Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So one of the recent Fifty Lindin Friday items was this adorable "In the Clouds" prop from Glitterati. I've been thinking for a bit on how to incorporate it in here, and to be honest I'm not even sure if this picture really does it justice. 

Magika released this this hair today, and as always, it's already a huge hit on the grid. I'm seeing it everywhere I go! 

Dress - (Cracked Mirror) Sarita Club Dress MESH (pink/white)    faMESHed
Shoes - N-core Zen "White"
Hair - Magika [03] Faint    New Release
Skin - The Body Co. Orchid (03 Light)
Eyelashes - MG - Eyelashes - Wild Full Thick - BLACK
Eyes - Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Desert Dawn Shadow)
Tattoo - - BlackFeet - MoonSkulls 
Nails - *[PM] Scuplted Nails V2 - Platinum edition V2 : Glitter
Beauty Mark - -Belleza- Beauty Marks 3
Teeth - [:T:] Parted Lips 1

Prop - GLITTERATI - In the Clouds     [FLF]


  1. foreal doe
    Mai Drills and I lol'd'

  2. Ooh those parted lips look real good! Does those keep good in moement or good just for pose? Gaaawds! you gonna really have me looking to go shopping when I am free :D

    1. They are good always, but tend to look a little silly from the side =p Those were free on Market Place!