Monday, October 1, 2012

Fuck Me

Oh man, where to even begin?! It's the start of a new month, and holy crap, there is so much going on inside Second Life right now! No outfit today, just hella places for you guys to go check out. =]

 I got a chance to go check this out last night, it's huge!! After seeing a lot of what the merchants had  to offer, I can't help but feel like Second Life might just have a little too much swag for me. But! That doesn't mean I won't be spending a small fortune here.


Toxic is currently having a monster sale. All items in the store are 50L.  They do have some mesh stuff, so look around!


The new round of faMESHed was realeased today! Honestly, It kind of depresses me. As much as I love the fall/winter seasons in RL, in SL it sucks! TOO much covering up for me, not enough sexy! Of course I'll totally break down and blog some sweaters and shit, but I won't love it.


Elikatira is having their Big Annual Sale. I've gotten quite a few hairs from them so this sale is especially awesome for meh. 70% off is A LOT! A pack of hair is cheaper now than their items I've bought from c88! DEFINITELY go check this out.


Right now you can get select shoe styles in a few random colors for only 295L! I picked up 3 so far, as shown to the left, but I might end up going back for a few more. I can't pass up a good sale! >.<

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