Sunday, December 1, 2013


Today is a pretty big day for Ikon!! Not only have they released a new eye, Spectral, at the December round of faMESHed, but they've also released their very first mesh eye as well!!
The price has not changed. You're just getting A LOT more with your purchase now. As usual, you get the 5 sizes of system eyes, along with Mesh copies, and one VERY amazing HUD. Just a little side note: Ikon has slightly modified a few of the eye sizes to be a bit smaller, so you now have a bigger range to play with!
So, I'm going to give you a little walk-through of the new HUD!
Once you add the Mesh eyes, and they're completely loaded, they should look like this. Now, you don't have to follow the fitting guide but the default eye is giving you an idea of what a realistic eyeball shape would be like. According to this, I should be wearing Small. (And I do!)
Time to play with the HUD!
Thanks to this HUD, you can now customize your Ikon eyes like you've never been able to before. Upon adding the HUD, your eyes will lock forward and you will be placed in a static pose; both can be toggled off on the HUD. The HUD also gives you the ability to place your eyes in other directions, much like AnyPose, which I know most of us use. However, AnyPose can tend to make you a bit cross-eyed from some angles, where as the Ikon HUD places your eyes in sightly different positions, creating more of an, "Looking through you" effect.
For the first time, you have the option of Light or Dark Sclera.
 I'm sort of a tard, so it took me a while to notice big white arrows on each side of the eye sizes. Clicking those allows you to scroll through Light and Dark Sclera for each size.
 There are also options for adjusting the glow of the eye, (The default glow setting is 0.00) As well as the option to turn "Bright" on. These are settings you wouldn't normally mess with, but can be a lot of fun for photography and stuff!
This is me playing with the glow scroll!!

Skin - Birdy - Blair *Gold Dust RARE*          The Arcade
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Sally          faMESHed

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