Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Style Mermaid

Hello there sexy faces! 
Today I'm going to be showing/reminding you of a few awesome things going on! 

IKON has made a point of releasing several pretty purple eyes for you. Fans of Daenerys Stormborn will love the Violet, and her brother Rhaegar would be proud to see you in his Indigo. Other good House Targaryen and Old Valyrian colors include: Dusk, Alexandria, Frostbite, Banshee, and even Spectre and Storm. Oh! And there is Starfall, named after Valyrian descended House Dayne and their beautiful Tower citadel.
The purples not tickling your fancy? FEAR NOT! The Ascension line has been brought back to the main store, and has been completed with 50 breathtaking shades to choose from. 

I also wanted to remind you guys that Essences has recently come out with a ton of new skin tones! 
Below, I'm showing you a few of the new tones, but you should head down to the main store to check out the rest!

Hair in Order
Exile - Bad Reputation 
Magika - Plenty 
Maitreya - Siobhan
Milana - Jayna
Truth - Denee
LeLutka - Lively

Eyeliner - Pekka - Dark Makeup 
Bikini - Crash Republic - Ruffled Bikini
Hands & Feet - Slink

Pose - Fri.